Curriculum Vitae


  • MSc in Computer Science, 2018
    Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands
  • BSc in Computer Science, 2011
    Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands
  • BSc in Built Environment with 1st phase Architecture, 2007
    Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands

Work experience

  • March 2015 — April 2015: Teaching assistant
    at TU Delft Concepts of Programming Languages course, including:
    • developing assignment testing infrastructure in Scala;
    • developing a generator for assignment tests in Scala;
    • creating assignments and tests in WebLab;
    • assisting students with their lab;
    • grading student submissions.
  • September 2014: Teaching assistant
    at TU Delft Compiler Construction course, including:
    • assisting students with the Spoofax language workbench.
  • May 2012 — May 2014: Teaching assistant
    at TU Delft ‘Model in one day’ event, including:
    • developing software allowing students to pilot a small real-life blimp in Python and C;
    • developing a simulation of the blimp for students to run;
    • setup the computer for the students;
    • presenting the results of the blimp competition;
    • assisting students with the assignment.
  • November 2010 — January 2012: Teaching assistant
    at TU Delft robot-tank project, including:
    • providing general course assistance;
    • assisting students with C programming.
  • November 2009 — January 2009: Teaching assistant
    at TU Delft Object-Oriented Programming course, including:
    • asssisting students with Java programming.
  • September 2006 — February 2007: Internship
    at design agency PDB Design in Groningen, the Netherlands.
  • February 2005 — July 2005: Internship
    at construction company Van Wijnen in Oosterwolde, the Netherlands.
  • November 2004 — June 2006: Teaching assistant
    at first year AutoCAD course of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.


  • Technologies: Docker, MySQL, Windows, Linux, Spoofax Language Workbench, WebLab
  • Programming Languages
    • excellent: C#, Java, Kotlin, SDF3, Stratego, HTML, CSS, Python, Scala;
    • good: PHP, TypeScript, Rust, WebDSL, SQL, Shell, Python, C;
    • basic: JavaScript, Haskell, C++, Assembly, Visual Basic.
  • Languages
    • native: Dutch;
    • excellent: English;
    • basic: German.
  • Interests: computer games, electronics, home automation, board games, architecture